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Aon rolls out SuiteBox to advisers & 2017

2017-06-05 02:36 [INVESTING] Source:Netword
Guide:Professional services firm Aon has teamed with software provider SuiteBox to deliver digital workspace technology to its Australian adviser network...

Professional services firm Aon has teamed with software provider SuiteBox to deliver digital workspace technology to its Australian adviser network in order to streamline their advice process and provide advanced client experience.

Aon general manager of Financial advice Jayson Walker said improving client relationships was key to the group’s decision to partner with SuiteBox.

“Aon has had a client first philosophy for some time now, and leveraging technology such as SuiteBox’s video conferencing platform is the next logical step in improving the client experience. It also increases the effectiveness and efficiencies for our advisers’ practices,” Walker said.

He added that a vital advancement from SuiteBox was the inclusion of digital signatures into video conferencing.

“To have an adviser be able to digitally present a statement of advice and capture the authority to proceed in the same session is the kind of easy and simple process consumers have come to expect,” Walker said.

Aon has more than 200 advisers across its network that will now have access to SuiteBox’s video, collaboration and digital signature tools.

SuiteBox chief executive Ian Dunbar said Aon had undertaken a comprehensive analysis of functionality, risk and suitability of the group’s technology.

“From our inception, SuiteBox has always understood the importance of the ability to not only meet, but also collaborate on documents and transact business all in the one digital solution,” he said.

“This combination puts SuiteBox at the leading edge of digital workflows for professional services. The adoption of SuiteBox within Aon is true endorsement of this strategy.”

Speaking to Financialobserver, Dunbar said the partnership with Aon was driven by the firm’s progressive mentality when it came to employing technology to facilitate better relationships between advisers and clients.

“For example, an adviser may meet a client in person to undertake their initial discussions, and complete the initial fact find, [but] the subsequent meetings may be difficult to arrange at a convenient time,” he said.
“SuiteBox allows the follow up meetings to be held remotely, the statement of advice reviewed and signed off. All meetings could be recorded for future compliance reference if required.”

Dunbar said the company is working with more than 20 advice groups in Australia as well as groups in new Zealand and South Africa, and will soon expand to the UK.

“SuiteBox is also integrated with a number of global CRM [client relationship management] providers - these integrations make it seamless for advisers to launch video meetings within their systems, saving documents and videos directly to their CRM platform,” he said.

Dunbar said the group planned to revolutionise its offerings and explore New technologies to improve efficiencies in advice heading into the New Financial year.

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