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Where are stock market quotes found

2017-06-09 20:07 [MARKETS] Source:Netword
Guide:Stock market quotes are found wherever you can purchase a stock market from. NASDAQ, and some other Stocks can be purchased from a personal financier.

Hey,    Yes, i have found one web service which gives live stock quotes, live gold, silver, platinum prices and live ForEx rates of major currencies. I have used it and its awesome...    Check the following portable exe software built on the same web service I'm going to refer you. You will required .Net Framework 2.0 / 3.5 installed on your machine to run this software. No other installation required. Software itself is ultimate and fulfill all major requirements. Software works on the same web service.     Portable Software Link (Free) :      Screen Shot 1 :   Screen Shot 2 :    Display Shot 1 :   Display Shot 2 :   Display Shot 3 :   Display Shot 4 :     Web Service Reference Link (Free) :   Web Service Credential Email : [email protected]   Web Service Credential Password : [email protected]      This web service is free but you need credential check to use any of the service it provides. You can use following ([email protected] ) email (as "user name") and password as a credential information.    I also found source code of few examples to use this web service in your code. The example code has been written in VB.Net. I hope it will be helpful to you.    Example 1 :   Example 2 :   Example 3 : (MORE)

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