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Register For Enterprise World 2017

2017-06-10 16:26 [TECH] Source:Netword
Guide:Register today for one of the biggest tech events in Toronto, Canada. Learn about digital insights from industry experts at Enterprise World 2017.

Welcome to the Digital Revolution!

All around us the digital revolution is changing the world. And its effects can be felt in every aspect of our daily lives. Technologies are accelerating at an exponential rate, producing unprecedented change that is ushering in the fourth industrial revolution.

The old approach moved at the speed of human coders, the New model progresses at the speed of data, information and self-assembly.

Whether you’re ready or not, the revolution is here. There are incredible breakthroughs in every industry, driven by disruptive innovation, and all businesses need the agility and skills to adapt.

To quote Sun Tzu: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” And OpenText Enterprise World 2017 is ready to help attendees make sense of the chaos and find their opportunity within the disruption.

OpenText Enterprise World provides a platform to interact and discuss this revolution with those organizations right at the heart of it, and to help those companies understand the trends that will define the future of business. This is an opportunity to connect with OpenText executives, industry thought leaders and hundreds of peers at the precipice of the revolution and gain the knowledge to achieve their digital future.

I look forward to welcoming you to OpenText Enterprise World 2017.

Mark J. Barrenechea

Watch our 2016 Keynote Presentation.

At Enterprise World 2016, Mark Barrenechea, CEO & CTO of OpenText, explored the future of information and shared the roadmap for Enterprise Information Management (EIM), from customer engagement to business insight.

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